Chellcy Reitsma and Casper Mason Release Soulful Duet “Cross the Line”

Chellcy Reitsma creates a new type of art in her new release “Cross the Line.” This upbeat indie duet begins with sparse acoustic plucks in the background of Chellcy and Casper’s vocals. This allows both artists to express their natural vocal talent, and for the focus to be drawn to the lyrics at the start of the song in order to draw in their audience with a romantic story. At this point, “Cross the Line” sounds like it should be a duet soundtrack to a Disney movie.

During the first chorus, a gentle cymbal percussion joins the guitar and introduces an increase in instrumental energy for the rest of the song. The lyrical tone of the song also shifts from a fairytale type love story to an inspiring message about pushing boundaries and building resilience. In her songwriting of “Cross the Line,” Chellcy included powerful metaphors like “people living in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones anyway.” With “Cross the Line,” Chellcy will have her audience writing down her insightful lyrics so they never forget.

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